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# 1 Anyone care to help?
02-02-2010, 06:12 PM
Right, from the begining.

I preordered through Steam, played the open beta etc. Now, Comes to Headstart day, I had the 59meg patch, then went to play and had to download everything again, so theres another 10gig downloaded.

I spent the first 2 headstart days downloading it again, I finally sit down ready to see, and wat happens, The launcher crashes...wth, I think its just a little problem, so I do the usual, check the files restart my computer and try the launcher again. Getting worried. Try a 3rd and 4th time and still crashes.

So I quit using Steam for it, I use the STO downloader. That downloads.

I run the Launcher, and it starts patching, about 9000 gig. So I leave it to patch for the remainder of the headstart. And it patches, and patches and patches. Finally after a full 4 days downloading the same 10gig its finished, I think YAY. Steam cant break it now. So I veryify, it mirrors a few files and for the first time in a week the little blue Patching Button says Engage.

I sit down, I pray, alas the prayers fall on deaf ears. I get an error

Fatal Error: Error decompressing data
I log out, I verify the files, it mirrors a few more. I check the pigg files to see if any read 0kb as I read on the forum somewhere. All fine, I verify them again, quit the launcher, and reverify them, I click on engage, and same error. Do I seriously need to download another 10gig. This would make it the 4th time iv had to redownload STO - not including the beta.

But in New Zealand where I am, there is no such thing as unlimited broadband, I have to pay for packages. This has cost me $55NZD so far, and thats just from STO, not including any other data. I really want this game, I played the open beta and loved it.

Even with all the problems, even with every other player *****ing and moaning about something. I read the forums and laughed at the idiots crying about losing stuff. I read threads about how people didnt like the gameplay and "I payed for this and im not getting to play it" and felt like screaming at the monitor "ITS A BETA YOU PAID FOR NOTHING EXCEPT A PREORDER!!!! GET OVER IT".

But now, even I feel like I am getting to the point of not even bothering, I feel defeated, and if a game is making me feel like this, I have to wonder, Is it really worth the hassle to play it.

I answer Yes, because as a lifelong Star Trek fan I love everything Trek. I have waited for years for a game such as this. As I said, even with the problems, I was getting to play as a character Iv watched for years, I was living the dream, so to speak.

However, I also answer no, because I have spent basicly the last 5 days downloading the same 10gig over and over again. And I know people are going to say "If you have waited for years, whats a few more days" Your right, but it doesnt make me feel any better.

This game cost me $80NZD. Add that to the $70NZD its going to have cost just to download it for the 6th time, thats $150NZD before I even get to play it, then the subscription of about $20NZD a month.

So someone please tell me I only have to rename a file, or change a regestry key, or anything, but please done tell me that I have to download the game again.

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