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# 1 Character Renames?
02-02-2010, 09:54 PM
On the character status page, there's a button that purports to allow you to change the name of your character. Clicking on it brings up a text box that seems to have inputs for your name, but they're grayed out and unusable. Hovering the mouse over them brings up a tooltip stating that you need to purchase the ability to change your character's name from the C-store...

I have reason to change my character name, so of course I went to look in the C-store to try and unlock the privilege... only to find that the only things currently *offered* by the C-store are my preorder unlocks, and Klingons and Ferengi for the Feds. Am I missing something, or is the C-store? Any word on when the character name feature is gonna be available, if its currently not up yet?

Kinda seems like there's a whole *lot* missing from the C-store at the moment, really...

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