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02-02-2010, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by Mystyrys View Post
It is not worthless. It consolidates information. It's a basic manual, not a complete and thorough manual of every single feature in game. It's a place to start.

Also, there's a lot of people here that have never played an MMO before; so a basic starter manual is exactly what they need.
It's not entirely worthless, I suppose. It is useful for very basic things, but it still leaves all the mystery stats for everyone to figure out.

I say it's worthless because there should be a proper manual which explains the basic UI elements (which is pretty much all this does), and then also lets me know what the hell +5 photonic theory does and whether or not I need it.

You may know the answer to that, but damned if I know how I'm supposed to know. It sure as hell isn't from that noob manual.

No offense to any noobs who may be reading. :p

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