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02-02-2010, 11:33 PM
Originally Posted by deathkittin
Originally Posted by someGit View Post
AO started selling credits? ...Or do you mean Cryptic?

Either way, I think I agree with you... They might as well just sell the credits themselves...except that it would undermine the credibility of the game's economy, which is what a lot of players come to MMO's for...

As long as it's lawless communists that are making money off of credit selling, the game company not only retains credibility, it becomes as much a victim as you are...

NCsoft have an "agreement" with the sellers in their home country Korea (the US office takes its orders from them) to turn a blind eye in exchange for a cut of the profits for this precise reason. It's totally legal, totally deniable (which they do loudly when anyone calls them on the evidence and delete anything associated with it) and the only way in which it is bad for them as a business is the PR side if someone manages to expose them good and properly - in the end they have an obligation to shareholders to go for the course that enables maximum amount of profit, morals don't come into it.

Especially when it comes to games, which non-gamers rarely could care less about (the same reason why companies can get away with this kind of stuff with no regulation from governments, games are just not high in priorities whereas if TV did similar they would be up in arms. It's exactly the same reason why governments haven't done anything about nVidia bribing some developers to exclusively support their cards better "The way it's meant to be played" scheme than.competitors (ATI/AMD), but when Microsoft (which pretty much everyone uses some kind of product from, especially governments who are even still using internet explorer 6 a lot of the time) engages in anti-competitive measures it very quickly turns into anti-trust time in US and EU...

Needless to say if I ever find out Cryptic/Atari engage in similar practices (they are tarred slightly by their former affiliation with NCsoft) I'll make sure as hell people know through my own contacts.
On this note, I found this whilst googling the Chinese "gold" selling company in question using IGN's name (seemingly because it's a recognised/trusted brand to do with games in the US and China has no international copyright enforcement laws - you get interesting details about the company if you enter their URLS onto WHOIS by the way, seems they don't even bother to hide their details):

It's from a developer at warhammer online apparently:
[..] let me tell you this. I’ve been offered “a piece of the action” both personally and corporately in the past if I will either turn a blind eye or help them in their actions. This would have netted me and/or Mythic a very, very tidy sum, far more than we would see from box sales. My answer was and always will remain the same:

Go to hell.

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