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So, today I was playing .. and my gameplay was interrupted by server disconnects at various points. Most of those times, I was in the middle of fighting something, or doing some quest or another .. and since I mostly play solo for right now .. I'd just log back in and continue on my merry way.

Tonight however, something happened that made me think about the way they instance things. I was at Sol Station, just a little bit ago .. so that's 2ish am CST. After putting the energy spammers on ignore .. there were a few of us who got into kind of a fun conversation. I didn't know these people, it was totally spontaneous (as happens in MMO's from time to time) and it was fun. Then suddenly .. disconnected. I tried to get back in thinking that we'd be able to pick up where we left off .. and there's the rub. Even if I'd been able to get back in immedately .. we'd probably all end up in different instances this time around. That left me feeling a bit odd. It's like .. being in a room at a party talking to people, getting to know them .. you haven't gotten to the stage where you're getting numbers to contact them later (or putting them on your friend list) .. and the lights go out. A few minutes later, they come back on .. and the room is filled with totally different people. It's a wee bit disconcerting.

Is there anyway that there can be maybe .. a placeholder if you get disconnected that stays for maybe like .. 5 to 10 minutes .. so if you can get back on, it slides you right back into the instance you were? Or in the case of a global crash (if it's recoverable) people who log back in within a certain time frame after the servers go back up, go back to the instances they were in?

I know this seems like a fairly minor thing .. but when you've got a game as heavily instanced as STO is .. sure I may have enjoyed talking to these people .. but when will I run into them again? What's the likelyhood we'll end up in the same instance in the same place again? Does STO now change the socialization format for MMO's, that you friend everyone you're even remotely interested in talking to .. leading to huge friend lists full of people you may not even remember .. as opposed to friend lists that are filled with *gasp* people you actually consider a friend?

Just a thought for the downtime.

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