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Suggestions Re- Duty Officers, bridge officers, Starship and Fleet Star Bases

Okay. Here is my thing

I have supernumary Bridge officers on all my characters.

I also have Starships filling slots, Starships I am not using.

Part 1
Duty Officer Assignments for bridge officers

It would be cool if I could give my extra bridge officers assignments like I do my duty officers

Part 2
Assigning Bridge Officers and Duty officers to Starbases

Currently you can donate certain duty officers to the starbase and embassy projects. But then they are essentially "used up" and disappear.

What I'd like to see are officer slots for the Fleet Starbase, the way player characters have bridge officer slots.


Bridge officers assigned to the Fleet starbase might be bale to enhance the fleet, somehow, allowing a bonus for certain fleet events the way assigned duty officers provide bumps for the ship in space and for away teams on the ground.

Similarly, Duty Officers assigned to the base could provide bumps for fleet activities.


It would be interesting if players of a fleet could assign their Bridge Officers to the Fleet Base, and then pull another BO out of the Starbase assignment (assuming they have a free Bridge officer slot on their character)

So it would be treating bridge officers like objects in a fleet bank.

Similarly Duty officers could be swapped in and out. slots allowing.


Instead of having random NPC figures walk around the base , You could have assigned Bridge officers wandering around the base and doing background things. This functionality is already present in the ship interiors.


Having assigned duty officers replace random crowd figure would be fun, as well, but that might require more heavy lifting.


Adding and individualizing Duty Officers

I notice that the Duty officers come in a limited selection. Several of my ships have the same tellarite nurse.

it might be fun to use the character making screen to make up new duty officers who are not clones of each other.

It might be fun to have players designed new duty officers for a slight reward in terms of dilithium or other in game benefits.


Assigning ships to fleet base

I suggest a similar mechanism above for ships

A player could reassign one of his ships to the starbase. Then the ship would be visible flying guard patrols around the base

I don't know if it would be popular to have ships trade-able the way items are, or the way I propose bridge officers be

but it would be coolnto have the ships ding something other than hanging in a closet.


Ship Functionality - this would depend on the fleet base actually having anything happen there


Fleet base events

We might have fleets do fleet actions against each as "Tactical Excercises" u with the object being for one team to invade the starbase and capture a flag-object, or several.


If a ship is assigned to the base with consoles and equipment, the ship and it's equipment appear as NPC guards

If assigned without equipment, it has generic equipment for a ship of that tier.


It might be fun to be able to assign bridge officers to excess ships.


It would be fun to have Ship-Duty-Assignments, where ships on standby are assigned tasks the way Duty Officers are. That way unused ships are put to "productive use"


It would be fun to be able to get screen caps of my ships all together or in smaller groups, and to get screen caps of the ships of my fleet mates.


A fleet Sponsored colony world

A fleet colony world to put colonists on would be interesting. Developing the colony world could be a prject like the Fleet Starbase or Embassy.


Somne of the planetary settings of STO are spectaular, and I like them. It would be nice to have one for our fleet.


I have supernumary bridge officers and ships. It would be nice to put them to use the way Duty Officers are. To often they feel like they are just taking up space.

Thank you for your attention
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# 2 Staff officers
09-01-2014, 11:52 AM
I like the ideas you had, I have come up with several of the same ones. One additional idea that I have is that you create Staff Officer posts" in starships as is and if able to add bridge officers like you suggested to bases.

Basically you would be able to add a number of staff. Each one would add a bonus of some kind, examples could include faster cooldowns on powers, increased effects to powers, consoles, or other starship equipment. And possibly add the officers for summoning security teams or other teams to your ground game instead of just random people showing up.

Also another idea is allow for an exchange where you can "sell' bridge officers for duty officers of the same color.

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