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the game is out and i still dont see cryptic importing the object targeting system in champion online to this game.

personally i dont see how it can be that hard to copy the system over, heck it is the same engine and even most (about 99.9%) of the options in the options page are exactly the same.

to those who dont know what this champion online style assisted targeting is, check out this video. (it has been around since CO release)

to respond to those who may not know what the system is and is too lazy to watch the video. this is what it do in simple bullet points.
* you have a fixed targeting reticle in the center of the screen.
* you move your view using the right stick as usual. during which the targeting reticle may pass over or pass near a object you want to target.
* the assisted targeting kick in, and semi highlight the object near the reticle. (the functionality of this assisted feature can be changed in the options page to do the following. highlight the object nearest to the reticle regardless to the distance away, or give it priority to distance away, left or right.)
* if you want to target something in a large mob of stuff, you can fine tune the highlighted object by moving the stick slightly.
* when you are happy, press the target button and the object is targeted. amazingly the same target button is used if you just want to do select next target. and so no button is wasted.

why do we want this, you ask?
it is for those of us playing with a xbox controller, i can tell you from experience (since co release) this system of assisted targeting is just as good as the old fashion way of selecting object using the mouse.

hear this from me cryptic, you are letting a good thing going to waste.

p.s. although it is possible to macro a similar system into the game using AHK, you can not macro in the assisted feature that exist CO. coming from a person who has gotten used to the CO system, it is just not the same. in fact i see this as a example of the dev being lazy and forcing you to write your own addon just so that the game is playable, for example autofire.

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