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I am trying to make sense of things here. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am an Engineer who just got just promoted to LtCmdr.

When training my own skills, some of them allow me to train my BOs in something if I put 9 levels in them. Said skillboxes always say that they'd allow me to train a BO.

The game servers being down, I am working from the STO builder. There are no such skillboxes (the ones that allow me to train a BO) for the Lt rank. Also, if the skill descriptions of the skills is correct, there are NO such skills for Engineers on the LtCmdr rank?

Is that the case or I am missing something? The LtCmdr skills have for instance "Starship Beam Weapons", the description says that 9 levels into it will allow a captain to train "Fire at Will III". But since I am not a Tactical officer but an Engineer I won't be able to do that. But if I look at the Starship Engineering skill block, there are no unlocking skills for the Engi. Maybe "Starship Shield Maintenance", whose description ends with a cryptic (pun intended) "...", as do many other skills descriptions. Can anyone confirm that it doesn't unlock anything? I am definitely not willing to invest 400 SPs to get 1% in a skill when I can use them for 10% in some other place.


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