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The Multi-Spatial Shield from D2D is sweet.

This shield is a ton better than your Personal Shield - Standard issue and will last quite a few levels before you will be able to replace it with something better and you can start off with it in the tutorial. Even starting Klingons can find this item useful for a few levels.

The GameStop Constitution class ship is very kool!

Not only is this ship more resilient than your standard Miranda class. It comes with blue phasers and an extra Engineering upgrade slot. Great for tanking at low levels. Anyone who thinks this ship sucks is not using it right. Of course it's outdated once you hit Lt Commander, but so what? It's awesome for 10 solid levels.

The Best Buy Tribble is teh awesome!

It's all three of the rare tribbles rolled into one. Upon petting this blueish tribble you are granted not one, not two but three buffs. The buffs are for Regeneration, Damage Resistance and Damage and last for a full hour. Those of us that pre-ordered from Best Buy have to be happy campers about this. I mean, sure tribbles are in the game for everyone. But no one else has a blue tribble that grants three buffs at once, do they?

I'm still waiting for my CE from Amazon, so I'm not sure about the Borg BO yet, but I hear good things.

In all kudos devs! I'm very happy with my extras.


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