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Several things, I understand that it was not the intent to allow power-hue open to the players, however it was done. Moreover, this was a good thing. Why? Because more customization is good, however I do not think it should be on done on the fly, nor should it be cheap.

Why leave color changing.

Distinction, during game play I have noticed an issue. When two groups converge whether it is PVP or PVE the abundance of weapons fire and all of it being the same color sometimes makes it difficult to tell who is shooting whom. Now a few PVP players have been using to gain victory, and they do not want others to see who is firing at whom. In addition, some of us Role-play different racial factions, such as Romulans. Moreover, we have gone to great lengths to achieve a distinct look. If you saw my escort, you would think it was a Romulan Bird of prey, and I have colored all my weapons to match.

However the handful of Canon purists don’t like the idea of weapons not following the TNG patterns, and ignoring that TOS the NCC-1701 Enterprise had more than three colors of weapons fire, and all of them where the Phasers, I counted 4 different colors, Red, Blue, Violet, and Orange.

Therefore, what is the compromise what would be the gesture of good faith, take the slash command out of the game. Then add a vendor on Memory Alpha and on Qo'noS. This vendor for a slight fee and some resources would color a single weapon a single color based on the Hue scale. Since the powers are tied to the Weapons and the BO’s this could be done rather easy and it would keep the customization ability and keep it with in lore. This would also keep the few basic powers the intended color, and we would not see blue explosions, even though it is pleasant to see.

I think this would be a good way to show that Cryptic had listened to both points of view and did something positive.


from deep in the thread:

this way it is a form of weapon upgrade and not just a simple hue swap. it should even put a new name or description on the weapon

(basic weapon before color upgrade)
Basic weapon MK??

Statline- DPS

(Basic weapon after color upgrade)
Pink Basic weapon MK??

Statline- DPS
Weapon has been upgraded with pink emitters

By using my idea they can limit the hues to weapons so as to not brake immersion as well


Federation Phasers in canon have been Red, Blue, Purple, yellow, and Orange
with the Vendor they could set the Hue options to several distinct versions of these colors your Phasers would be individual and still the right color.
ie. 5 different yellows, 5 different reds, ect.

same with Disruptors
ie. 10 different greens


I think if Cryptic did this it could be in in less than a week and would make everyone Happy.

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