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Nobody can deny that there is a whole load of star systems in the game.
But there is one thing disapointing with them, and that is that most of them is a one time visit only.
You go there, do your mission or patrol and then leave.
I would like to propose that cryptic consider adding their random mission generator to all the systems in the game, and it could work something like this.

1.) You visit the system during a patrol mission the first time, complete your mission and leave.
2.) the "exact" same system can be visited whenver you want afterwards.
3.) Every time you enter the system there can be a random chance of a mission, so that you could say visit the system four or five times and just mill around, but then on the 6th visit say you get a mission from the planet or starfleet to find something in the sector or beam down and investigate something.

I think Cryptic should seriously consider something like this if they have not already, it would make the game world so much larger, and actually give all the well made star systems an actual purpose other than to just visit once or so for a single mission.

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