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Just in case people are looking to find out what they get physically with the Collectors Edition Box from GameStop, here are some photos and my take on it. (image codes are off so I'll just put in links

Initially the box comes shrink wrapped with GameStop sleeve which describes features and specs. Sorry I forgot to take photos before I took it out of that portion of packaging. DOH! Moving on...

The box is not really brushed aluminum as advertisied on GameStops site, more like a cardboard box with faux brushed aluminum printed paper stuck on. Granted, it is a nice looking box. To open it you lift the tab on the right side of the box which is held magnetically. (Nice Touch)

The "futuristic hologram" is just a regular hologram but what makes it look cool is the communicator in the center which I thought at first was part of the hologram but in reality is the actual physical communicator. The com badge can be removed and is a pin made of what looks and feels like metal. (This was actually my main motivation to purchase this package, well that and the TNG/DS9 uniforms. I wanted to make it a functional com badge, integrating the components from a bluetooth earpiece. But that is another story). The Com Badge is a bit larger than what I expected, but I've never held a "canon" com badge so it could just be me, it's definately not a "canon" looking badge. I took a photo with a AA battery (first thing I could find).

Once you lift the panel holding the Com Badge there is a plastic leaflet holding your 3 10-Day guest passes. (If you want a pass PM me, all my interested friends already have copies of the game and these will just sit here. First come first serve.)

Once you get past the guest passes you'll find the book which has game concept art including ships, characters, environments and weapons. The last 15 pages of the book is the manual. The very last page holds the product key and the back inside cover holds your game disc.

I honestly was hoping for more in terms of the book. It's only like 40 pages including the manual. The package as a whole I think is kinda weak for a "collectors edition" but I guess it looks nice sitting in my bookcase with the rest of my game boxes.

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