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# 1 Cannot re-customize ships...
02-03-2010, 05:26 PM
Just a heads-up...I've tried several options, colours, etc., but I only seem able to customize my ship once. After that, it's stuck the way I left it. I had this issue in Open Beta, and it seemed to have been fixed for a while, but it's definitely back.

Also, if you set the 'Neck' item on the T2 cruiser to the Excalibur style, you cannot change the lights; however, if you change the neck to something else, set the lights the way you want them, then change it back to Excalibur, they'll stay how you put them.

Edit: This does *not* deduct energy from my account when it does not change the ship; there's just no change whatsoever when I try to save my changes.

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