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# 1 Fix PvP rewards.
02-03-2010, 04:51 PM
Simply put. Stop rewarding Failure. Sick of having one random little tard giving away points because he wants the round to end faster just so he can level up quicker. Whats the point in PvP if each side is trying to LOSE rather than WIN?

Why is this happening? Because some bright spark decided everyone should be a winner and be rewarded for playing the game in the worst possible way , suiciding on an enemy. They even go so far as to unequip their shields to speed the process. The offenders name 'OPWhineKlingonP'. Every single game , he does the same thing.

I can live with the tiny maps , the limited battles. I can live with the lack of no open PvP or RvR right now.

What i cannot put up with is this mechanic of rewarding bad players for playing badly and not penalising them for it. Every MMO i have ever played has penalised death. Its expected that you die , something bad happens to you , be it loss of items , xp or a debuff. STO is starting to look more and more like Carebears Online to me.

Flame away if you like , but my MMO list includes :

AO ( Larhten , 216 MP + 7 PvP alts)
Potbs ( Nethral Larhten , 50 NO , Roberts)
Warhammer Online
D&D Online( So many many vorpals....)
FoM (Wonderful death penalty , die too many times in quick succession and goodbye character)
WoW(Very very briefly...)
Eve (Maalphar)
Guild Wars

So to conclude. Death penalty and removal of rewards for losing side ( or lessening of rewards by a significant degree) in arena PvP.

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