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I just recently tried to play with my cousin who now has a T2 ship. I am still in the newbie cruiser. We tried to do the vulcan patrol together but the game won't let him enter the star systems that I needed to go to. We then tried to do one of those random Klingon battles in sector space and upon zoning in together we were in our own instances.

Can anyone tell me how I can play with my cousins? How can we make it so we zone into the same instances as a group everywhere we go? it is such a pain to find each other too. Sometimes one cousin is in Sol #12 and one is in Sol #14 but in my list I can only see one or the other and sometimes neither of those Sols (instance #).

The chat system is also funky. How do you reply to someone in chat (usually R in other games)? How do you chat with 2 or 3 people at the same time that are not in your group (usually Shift+R in other games)? We tried all being in a group but since both of my cousins are higher level than me and can't enter my instances I have to solo 4 to 5 battlecruisers (which i can not do).

I'm beginning to feel like this isn't a MMO but rather a limited multiplayer game like Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield 1942. Each instance is like a server that we (my cousins and I) have to find and then communicate to each other on which server to go to (ie Pipeline 12vs12 map) and hope that it still have room for all of us to enter.

Bonus: Anyone here know the map Pipeline?
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02-03-2010, 05:46 PM
Well you didn't specify how you were trying to stay in the same instance so I'm not sure if this helps. When I get auto-teamed with someone and we zone out of one system we are in the same sector space, so maybe being teamed matters. Use the map to change instance and get in the same one (you can tell by the will show you no number if they are in your instance, or it will show the number they are in). Be sure you are in a team. Now do you stay in the same sector space and automatically end up in the same planet systems?

To reply you have to use /reply. Or at least I haven't found a shorter command because /r doesn't work.
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02-03-2010, 06:23 PM
Yes, we are teamed up in a "closed team" because before we would get random people in our team.

When we fly to a star system like P'jem and i get the option to Enter but both of my cousins don't have the option to Enter. They are forced to wait for me in sector space. I abandon my mission and go into sector ship. I still have defend sector missions so we went to do that that. This is the mission where I have to fight klingons in sector space. We would enter, but once we finish zoning, we would be in different instances. I give him my instance # but he doesn't have that instance listed when he go change instances from his mini-map. This is the same for me when I tried to go to his Spacedock #21. Spacedock #21 is not on the list as an instance I can go to. Only way for me to see my cousins are in sector space.

In OB, me and my cousin did run some mission together and we also did some ground missions, but now in release, I think they are too high of a lvl for us to play together. I'm in T1 ship and they have T2 ships.
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02-03-2010, 06:30 PM
Use the Backspace key to reply to tells. As far as the grouping goes... not really sure besides manually switching instances.

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