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Heloo I play by Ceikon as a handle.
I want to say I was the GM of the largest guild in **** ( my server Pelinor Midgasrd) a beta tester for WOW and I kewl French mmorpg ( that I thought was better than WOW after both betas) and the guild moved) on To the large guilds in WOW BTW **** for 3 yrs and WOW for one, over 500 membership, both guilds. This has been the smoothest lauuch I have ever seen and I played Pong on a console Atari 800 TRS 80 Commadore 64 remeber World Class Leader Board Till Microsoft as always screwed the pouch.

I give hail to the folks who took care of us and this launch.

Now If I can just get my pre lauch stuff and not have to delete my Fed Player lvl 6 grade Luet, and mty Klingon Warrior for poor documentation and hiccups during DL

Still the smoothest lautch ever I remeber when the WWW was new we all used BBS.

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