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# 1 1st South African Fleet
02-04-2010, 12:04 AM
1st South African Fleet
Fleet Structure

The fleet is structure like most modern navies and positions will be filled as required. Currently there is only one Fleet Admiral but if the fleet grows (and I am hoping it does) then I will appoint a fleet member to position of Fleet Admiral.

Admirals, Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals will be appointed as necessary. The fleet structure is there to provide order to chaos and keep the fleet playing together even in the vastness of the Star Trek universe (for those who aren’t aware the entire franchise is confined to the Milky Way Galaxy).

Here is the fleet structure in a hierarchy layout

•Fleet Admiral is in charge of the entire Fleet

•Admirals are in charge of their respective Task Forces and report to the Fleet Admiral. If an Admiral is present when his/her counterpart's fleet is present but his/her counterpart is not present then said Admiral can assume control over both Task Forces. If an Admiral wishes he may assign a Vice Admiral to command the other Task Force; however no Vice Admiral may be given command over a Task Force if he/she is not a member of said Task Force.

•Vice Admirals are in charge of Task Groups and report to their respective Admirals. As with Admirals if a Vice Admiral is the highest ranking officer in the presence of two Task Groups then he/she may choose to either take command of both Task Groups or assign the command of the other Task Group to a Rear Admiral of that Task Group.

•Rear Admirals control a Squadron of 3 vessels. This therefore means that Squadrons are comprised of 4 vessels. Rear Admirals will report to their Task Group’s Vice Admiral. Unlike higher ranking officers a Rear Admiral may not choose to command another Rear Admiral’s squadron. Instead said Rear Admiral is to assign command of the other squadron to one of the Captains of said Squadron. This is to be done to allow Captains to show leadership capabilities and work towards promotion.

•Captains are in charge of their own ships unless otherwise stated by a commanding officer. Captains are to follow the orders of any higher ranking officer.

Fleet structure will be determined by the ships chosen by players. Player will not be told what class of ship to take but there may be times when a Fleet Admiral, Admiral, Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral puts out a public request for a certain ship type. Before a public request can be made by an officer he/she must consult his/her superior for permission. This is to stop unnecessary request of unneeded ship types.

Engaging in Fleet Actions

For any and all fleet actions Rear Admirals in charge of a Squadron can choose whether or not to engage in the Fleet Action. If a Rear Admiral chooses to enter a Fleet Action his/her Squadron must obey the order and head straight to the sector in which the Fleet Action is taking place. If a Vice Admiral chooses to enter a Fleet Action then those Rear Admirals and their tasks forces under him/her must enter the Action. This applies to Admirals and the Fleet Admiral too. If however the ranking online officer chooses not to enter the Fleet Action then the choice falls to each of the lower ranks. If all superior officers choose not to enter an Action then each Captain may decide for himself.

If members of Squadrons enter a Fleet Action without the command of a superior officer but wish to engage in combat as an improvised Squadron then the Captains have two choices. The first is to decide on a popular leader. If the majority of the Captains favour a particular Captain then he/she is to be the leader of the Squadron. However if a leader cannot be agreed upon within a period of 60 seconds then the highest in-game ranking Captain is to assume command. In both these cases the Captain in charge gains the field commission of Commodore for the duration of the Fleet Action. If a Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral or the Fleet Admiral enter the Action after a Commodore has been elected/determined then those player will relinquish command for the duration of the Action. The command structure will revert back to normal once the Fleet Action has ended.
If there are reports of any officers failing to obey the orders of the Commodore then an enquiry will be conducted.

(Fleet actions occur throughout the galaxy against different enemies and for different reasons. Players are informed when a fleet action is occurring and in which sector it is occurring.)

Our continuing mission... to have fun

The above rules and structure might seem a bit serious but the structure is there for our members the have the support to have fun. Its always more fun to have guild/ fleet members with you when you are doing a raid. I will more than likely increase the squadrons to five ships for 5 man raids but since its still early times I won’t start worrying about it just yet. If anyone has any questions or comments/ideas please feel free to drop me an email or a pm.
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# 2 stil alive?
10-17-2014, 03:37 AM
Hiya is this fleet still alive pr are there other SA fleet s wanna join
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10-31-2014, 01:17 AM
i would like to know aswell

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