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# 1 My pvp findings tonight (t2)
02-04-2010, 12:46 AM
Played a t2 kdf character tonight for a while because I was curious about some things in t2 that were bugging me.

I had a ship design that I wanted to try out, and I wanted to see what these guys were doing with naked pvp grinding.

I fought 3-4 matches with a group who was flying shieldless and suiciding as fast as possible, and I will admit there was some fun to it. It was upsetting randoms who got into matches with us, and apparently the feds didn't know any different or didn't say anything. I beat a couple feds one on one without having shields, which I thought was sad.

The exp was fast, but not a lot faster than a match that keeps moving along normally. It's MUCH faster than a cloakfest which I hate.

Most of the time in FvK matches that stall, the problem is that noone of the klingons are taking the initiative - or they are all DPS and don't want to get spat out.

Lately I've been working on my 'icebreaker' build, which is a ship specifically designed for being the opener and support. Hazard emitters, RSF, eng team and HY torps are the t2 loadout. It uses dual beam banks, because they match the arc of the forward torpedo.

Weapons are two frontal dual bank beams, torps with rear mines.

The general method of engagement is to fly within 4km, decloak attacking, power levels are max weapons with rest aux.

Rotate shield freq when shields get to 75% and balance

when shields are out, let hull run down to about 50% then reverse shield polarity and hit hazard emitters which gives shield and hull DR

start running with evasion, and eng team if needed, combat cloak, get distance.

The idea is to be the best bait possible, obviously - but also to be the one that breaks the ice so that the kdf start shooting. One of the worst things about f vs k pvp is that it's possible for nothing to happen for minutes on end which is encouraging this silliness.

What I found, not surprisingly, is that a match with someone deliberately moving it forward (making group, starting attack) was not really any slower than the match with feebs suiciding. The difference is that we were winning the matches that were being led.

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