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# 1 A Few Questions
02-03-2010, 01:38 PM
So I've been reading all about abilities, skills, ships, and the like. So that I wouldn't have to bother people and I could know exactly what it is that I'm doing in the game. I've come to some interesting ideas and have some questions (some of which I'm sure have been asked but I couldn't find any answers...) so I was wondering if anyone here might know or be able to help.

1. Does being a specific type of officer grant you any inherent bonuses? Not abilities from leveling, and not ship bonuses. Just inherent natural bonuses? I've seen no sign of such a thing.

2. Similar to the first but... I'm only noticing two differences between the officer types; you get some unique abilities as you level up and you have unique ground skills available to you. Is this all or is there more?

3. Because everything seems to be the same save for ground skills and abilities granted to you as you level, am I completely crazy in thinking that an Engineering Officer may find more use out of an Escort type ship than Tactical and vice versa for Cruisers?

My logic here is that we're going to level our chosen weapon type skills to maximum (ie energy weapons at 9 and so on) meaning everyone would do comparable base damage no? And Escorts have several Tactical positions for additional damage dealing regardless of who is captaining with merely one (two at most later right?) Engineering stations and also only one device slot I think. It also seems to me that we could have nearly identical or even exactly the same skills leveled (again save for unique ground skills) between a Tactical and Engineering charater. So then instead of throwing your Tactical character on top of the already many Tactical Bridge Officers (damage abilities) wouldn't the unique abilities granted to an Engineering character (Rotate Shield Frequency, EPS Power Transfer, etc) together with the supplemental Engineering Bridge Officer stations be ideal for an Escort? It seems this could much better sustain it throughout a fight and simply be better in the fight overall while dealing the same base damage (and not be so much of a combustible thing as we know they are).

This caused me to have the same idea with Cruiser type ships. They have several Engineering stations which can do a lot of the maintaining of your ship but only a few Tactical stations. Since, as far as I can tell, we'd all be doing comparable base damage anyway and could possibly have the same exact skills. So if you have those Engineering Bridge Officers trained with skills to repair your ship then would not a Tactical officer be a very apt choice for captain of a Cruiser?

Is my thinking totally wrong here or what? I feel like it's very possible I could have missed some things or maybe there are things I simply don't know so any help or knowledge to be passed on would be greatly appreciated.
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# 2
02-04-2010, 01:17 AM
I really would appreciate some help or input on this but being on page 15 I doubt that will happen. So as much as I hate to do so... bump? :O
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# 3
02-04-2010, 02:30 AM
1. No.

2. The only other big difference is that you can train Bridge Officers in the III versions of their abilities when you 9/9 certain skills, but only if you're the same class. So an engie captain could teach his engineer BOs Emergency Power to Shields III upon reaching 9/9 in Starship Shield Efficiency, but a tactical or science captain can not. Note also that all III versions of abilities are either lt cdr or cdr rank and therefore are not very helpful in a different class of ship. Although, it's not impossible to get the III abilities on a different captain type... you would just have to find a rare BO with the ability you need. And before you ask, no you can't train and then trade bridge officers with someone.

3. While you certainly could cross ship and captain types easily enough, there are certain advantages to sticking with the same class of ship... One example being that you'll be focusing on the same skills to improve your own abilities as your commander and lt commander BOs.

Basically you have to decide between specializing in your particular field by combining the same classes or having more variety in your spec at the expense of spreading your skill points around more.

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