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Sorry for this post, but i'm actually starting to become angry.

I preordered the GOLD edition of the game, and have entered the retail key plus the DLC key. However, i have yet to recieve my DS9 uniforms. I got the extra items that was unuque to the retailer i bought from, but the extras for the GOLD edition, that Cryptic is responsible for have not appeared yet, and it has now gone two days.

I have issued a ticket two days ago, and i still have not recieved a reply. I have sent PM to the two responsible forum liasons, but no reply. I have posted in their official Pre-Order thread, and no word from anyone.

I love the game, but their support is terrible. I have played ALOT of MMO's, and this have NEVER happened in any of them, at lest not in my experience.

I want my DS9 Uniforms. Yes, i have checked in the character builder, at the Tailor and in the C-Store, but they are nowhere to be found, and frankly, im starting to get fed up with their non existant support.

No, i will not quit the game, cause i like it too much, but it feels like a kick in the nuts.


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