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02-04-2010, 04:24 AM
Originally Posted by attesan997 View Post
Thanks for the response, I'll try tonight to disregard the assignments after I pick who I want on the team. It just seems like a bug that would be easy to spot and resolve. I wonder if it will put people in my away team even if they aren't on the list. For me It's not so much they move up or down the list, if I put that borg character in a tactical security officer pops up in the last spot.
Yeah, same thing I had in beta. Always a basic security guy showing in that 4th spot. Everyone else acted like they were one spot higher than they were listed.
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02-12-2010, 02:03 PM
This sounds exactly what was happening to me last night. I dismissed one officer (who happened to be on the standard away team). His slow was then labed "Security" and everytime I tried to add my new officer into this slot, one of my other away team would be bumped and the "Security" slot would stay as is.

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