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The more me and the wife play this game, the more we like it.

At first, we were shocked at the alpha stage this game was in. It wasnt even ready for beta, and it probably still aint! But omg the stuff thats in there and actually works are Fun fun fun ultra-fun!

Cryptic, you might be cheap *******s, but you have some real talent in that Ferengi office of yours.
Have you ever wondered how huge this game would have been if you hadnt rushed it out the door to grab a few bucks...?

I hope you can repair the situation though and that you have learned something for the future.

A few points that are really annoying still...

1. Maybe you could make the scanner point to your mission objectives instead of some random anomaly? Its a major issue really since this is ****ing both me and everyone else I know off in EVERY mission.

2. The game is too easy...! Waaaay too easy. Its so easy, I find myself go and get coffe in the middle of fights, and im not joking... It was also the first thing my wife said... "Is this a joke? Is it supposed to be this easy?". It almost feels like an insult, thats how easy it is... (we will soon be in heavy cruisers...)

3. How teams enter missions are confusing... me and wifey (yea shes like her... in many ways... lol) do a lot of exploration, but we have a VERY hard time ending up in the same "instance". Sometimes she cant enter where I am and vice versa. Its 50/50 if we can play a mission together, especially in exploration.

Why is there no "warp to team-mate" feature? (like in EVE)

4. More believable environments... Take the random research station for an example... No chairs? No living quarters...? It feels like running around in a storehouse.

5. Ground combat takes too long. Enemies can take 15 phaser shots...?!

6. The game is very expensive... its not a very polished product you have released, you know that. So charging us full price for the box, and having a monthly charge as well, when, in fact, your game is not very MMO at all... is a bit harsh. I was outraged when I found out you were planning to have respecs in your C-store. And if that would happend, both me and wifey are gone. We can promise you that.

Money is not a problem, greed is...

7. Skill cap? Do I need to say more...? Whoever made that decision must be so greedy and cheap he cries when he takes a dump.

8. Communicate. If not, we might start appearing at your offices, and you dont want that... see 7.

And to all the fanbois out there... *censored*
And to all the flamers out there... *censored*

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