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My name is Paris Teta and i hate Hobus Ground. Really i do.

While the idea is super neat, with the shield generators above, the dark setting really looking like a ground zero, the gameplay is not, first, scanner to the last three objectiv is broken, and they aren`t on the map, so you have to search for them, which is bad, because the entire area has more (enemy) population then the whole Alpha Quadrant itself, and due the the terrains desing, with all those ridges, Mr and Mrs. BO really like to run them up, behind, around and pulling everything they can, and like mention in the sentence before, there is alot to pull, dosn`t make that mission fun.

Of course i could set up rally points, but then i canīt use focus fire, so the fight takes long, else they run away again, because they think it`s a good idea to flank the enemy, while standing in the next enemy group. If you really careful you can move the rally points everytime so close to the next target, that they won`t run of....MOST of the time, but sometimes they still like to converse with the next NPC (which are all enemies).

Hostage Rescue ground mission (planet) was bad. Doomsday device ground mission also, but Hobus ugh.
So many things get together, landscape, AI, number of enemies, scanner bug, it`s really bad.

So my name is Paris Teta and i hate Hobus Ground.

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