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Hi everyone,

There is a lot of feedback on this forum, but I am sure that the developers have a hard time sorting it all out and getting a sense of what are the small things they can knock out really quick, and what larger things they should focus on first.

So let's make it easy for them.

Please list your top three requests for the devs in each of the following categories:

Short-term requests

These are small things that seem like they could maybe be done within a patch or two.

Fixing a graphics glitch on a starship model
Adding additional NPC vendors to starbases
Tweaking something in the way the fleet interface works

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

Adding more fleet actions past the crystalline entity
Strengthening the death penalty/difficulty
Overhauling Memory Alpha

Long-term requests

These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.

More choices in how to complete content - ie, maybe missions with a diplomatic rather than a pure combat solution depending on choices you make during the mission.
More stuff for fleets - fleet-owned starbases, "raid" interfaces that allow fleets to do fleet actions together, etc.
More playable factions (romulans, cardassians, etc)

Disclaimer: All of the examples above are just that, examples. They're not meant for you to agree or disagree with, just to give an idea of what type of requests might fall into each category.

Please try to keep your posts short and to the point so that it's easy for the devs to make lists out of them and check things off as they go. Please don't respond to other posters, instead just post what your top three in each category are. If you want to discuss someone's suggestion, do it in another thread. This way, the developers will be able to easily identify what the top requests are from players, and have less chance of losing anyone's feedback in the noise.

Edit: 2-9-10:

I want to thank everyone who's taken the time to post their top requests so far. This is something that will hopefully be very helpful to the developers, and should make it a lot easier for them to see all of our requests.

Just to reiterate - when you post, please try to stick to the short/medium/long-term format as much as you can, and try to keep things short and to the point. Feedback like this works best when they can boil it down to a list of bullet points, and then use that in their internal planning discussions.

Edit: 2-14-10:

Wow! 600 replies! And most of them really good ones too. This is great feedback, thank you everyone. Hopefully the devs are reviewing periodically and keeping notes Like all of you, I'd like to see some communication or a summary from them of what their priorities look like in light of all this feedback.... but keep posting it anyway! I am sure they are reading it!

Also... I got some pretty funny PMs today. I'm a little flattered, but I don't work for Cryptic! I'm just a player like all of you are. Really! That said, I will do my best to help anyone out who asks me a question or something... but I can't really do anything to make the servers come up faster when they crash or anything like that. So um... anyway I just wanted to make sure everyone realizes that.

Edit: 2-15-10

Just so that everyone realizes, Cryptic definitely IS reading this thread

Originally Posted by zinc View Post
Awesome thread guys.

Short Term:
Want to, but can't write a response on every single issue in here - to be honest, we're trolling and spending our time tracking the issues down to get you fixes ASAP. The gold spamming, the fleet banks, the commodity missions, memory alpha issues - all those things we're trying to address as fast (and more importantly as smart) as we can.

Mid Term and Long Term:
I'm, right this instant, using this as one of the main threads to gather update suggestions from. Keep it coming, keep it coming.

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# 2
02-04-2010, 05:16 AM
And here are my top three for each category, to hopefully get the thread started.

EDIT: Leaving these up as an example, but since some of them were addressed, I've added another post (I think it's on page 6) with an updated list for myself


- Make weapons auto-holster when beaming down to starbases or for non-combat missions.
- Add banks and standard vendor NPCs to Memory Alpha.
- Add some kind of way for us to see our progress at Memory Alpha.


- More fleet actions in existing sectors. Ideally, there should be a new one every 4-5 grades in the progression, with several at Admiral.

- A "task force" interface that allows players to form task forces out of 2-4 teams and do fleet actions and sector battles together.

- Implement something closer to a traditional crafting system than what Memory Alpha is.


- Focus on branching storylines; give players choices during the missions that affect the outcomes (and maybe the rewards) of the missions.

- Introduce missions with a risk of failure that would require you to start the mission (or part of it) over; timers that you have to beat (escape the base before it explodes), the ability for the NPC you're protecting to actually be destroyed/killed, etc.

- Introduce romulan and cardassian as playable factions, with unique PvE and PvP content for each.
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# 3
02-04-2010, 05:44 AM
I'll bite.

Short Term

- Lettting Engineer ground fortifications (IE: Phaser turrets, medical generators, etc) be built instantly when out of combat.

- Greater variations within each ship 'level', model wise.

- Better documentation. Seriously. Just get one guy to write more stuff to skills so I know what I'm getting when I click the "Add Points" button.

Mid Term

- Greater ground variation. More skills, less wait time, new tactics, better crouch camera.

- Less repitition. I want to be able to level to 20 without having to do repeatables, thank you very much.

- Better design. It seems that every new tier of ships has its own set of problems (ex: In the 11-20 level range, the cruiser is pretty much useless).

Long Term

I don't really have any long term goals. In fact, I'm against long term goals. STO has so many short term and mid term problems that focusing on long term goals seems almost criminal.
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# 4
02-04-2010, 06:03 AM
Some kind of death penalty
Fix bugs like the uniform problems
Make the tutorial skippable for new alts

More missions across the board esp. non-combat missions
Random exploration – second star to the right…. Oh cool… a new dilithium deposit to report!
Balance loot issues

Create a merchant faction for players
Simplify the currency
Add a persistent PvP zone (neutral zone?) in which players can build and occupy starbases, planets, etc.
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# 5
02-04-2010, 06:09 AM
short term

-full auto fire in space
-stats to be less confusing
-less bugs

mid term

-being able to go 90 degrees up and down in space with ventral and dorsal shields

long term

-filling space with random missions (not only a sector)
-more dialog options
-better usage for the tricorder
-big planets where we find civs on our own
-entire modeled systems to explore them...going from planet to planet..scanning around..beaming up and down on free will...looking what could be there..finding artifacts, blueprints,civs
-open pvp in every system (except for missions that should stay instanced)
-massive scale territory control
-neutral zone spanning across the quadrants and not being 1 sector
-all 4 Quadrants present
-sector blocks to be far bigger (fill them up with systems...100 per sector to make space look unlimited
-different types of warp/transwarp/slipstream drives to go over larger distances in shorter time (fits to previous point)
-raid-i-sodes for every rank
-let us travell while on the bridge..navigating through stellar cartography or the helm (but space must be big)
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# 6
02-04-2010, 06:23 AM
Short Term

1) Memory Alpha progression indicator

2) Banks, mail,exchange and general NPC on all major facilities.

3) Transwarp unlock for sectors

MId Term

1) Make groups of instances into different categories for players (example RP) that we can choose to join or exlcude

2) Voice over for officer actions and reports in game.

3) Diversify players further by adding more skills for each class at all tiers.

Long Term

1) More scenario types and more random mixing of elements composing a mission. Right now random comes under very specific set package choices (Genesis system)

2) Voice over for mission and NPC you interact especially on diplomatic or investigation missions.

3) Starbases and planets need less cloned NPCs (saw far too mnay twins walking alongside) and more variable architectural traits. Some fauna would be nice as well like birds or small animals and even herds in the distand future to give more flavour.

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# 7
02-04-2010, 06:44 AM
Caveat: I love the game. But I'm not one of the rose-tinted-glasses contingent.

* Fix the DSEs where I'll spawn and immediately six Mogais will spawncamp and jump down my throat.
* More uniform options for Klingons.
* Wider options for the transwarp network. It'd be nice if I could choose to hit, say, K7, or 39 Sierra, instead of just going straight back to Sol.
* Fix Breaking the Planet.

* More fleet actions.
* More Klingon PVE content.
* Playable Nebula-class and Ambassador-class starships. While I do love my four-nacelled T3 monstrosity, nothing beats a Nebula-class.
* More random missions. I seem to remember being randomly hailed about Nausicaan pirates. It was just a kill-five-Nausicaans mission, yeah, but random distress calls? Awesome.

* Spoonheads.
* Non-mission, freeform content. It'd be cool if I could just coast into a system or star cluster and contact aliens or search for anomalies without having to pick up a mission. Really I'd just like to do stuff beyond missions.
* Fill out deep space with entirely generated content. Part of the fun of Trek is exploring strange new worlds. Sure, there are star clusters, but somehow it doesn't feel like exploration when I find a new planet and still have to kill five Romulans. When I ran into the Strekkelan, though? Awesome. Deep space should just be one big unexplored frontier with original content, especially for high-level players. It can be the true final frontier.
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# 8
02-04-2010, 08:24 AM
Thanks everyone who has posted so far Hopefully some others will come list their top requests!
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# 9 I'm game.
02-04-2010, 08:27 AM
Disclaimer: I just started playing last night.

  • Holster weapon when not in combat (why am I rocking out with my phaser out on a starbase)
  • Lower costs to rename a ship or apply cosmetic customizations.
  • Edit the face graphics for communications. I hate that everyone is staring around the box like they're lost.

  • Better pathfinding for the away team. It's annoying when they get caught on terrain.
  • Fix the sequencing of transitions. Transporter beams, warp trails, etc. all seem out of sync going from area to area. This persists on lowest to highest graphic settings.
  • Open the door on the turbo lift and let me enter it before moving to the next area.

  • Reduce the size of ground based architecture. I understand that it has to be easy to navigate from a 3rd person perspective, but it's aesthetically unpleasant. Is there a middle ground?
  • Diplomatic/social missions. Give me dialog trees with special options that show up based on my level of diplomacy, telepathic/empathic abilities, and information I gathered on the mission.
  • Research starbases where science officers and engineers can use collected information and resources to work on new technologies. Queue up projects and have a timeframe for them to complete.
  • On ship missions. How many episodes out of each series was the antagonist something that got on the ship and had to be dealt with? Let me solve the mystery of an assaulted crew member or even patch up a professional relationship between two ****ed off bridge officers.
  • Social quests to get to know the bridge crew and improve their morale/faith in you as a commander. PCs could gain special "command equipment" that provide slight passive bonuses to bridge officers as a reward for getting to know and motivate the crew.
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# 10
02-04-2010, 08:42 AM
Short term:

1. Miniskirts. Yes, I'm a pervert and I like my eye candy and I'm not ashamed to say so. I wont hide behind "Lt. Uthra wore a skirt, why can't my officers?!" or "The Star Trek canon says they exist." Now that that's out of the way;
2. AI Pathing: This I'm sure has been brought up, but the AI officers get caught on doors, boxes, flora, etc. far too often.
3. Officer down: If one of my team mates or myself goes down, there should be some way to make resuscitating that person a priority. As of yet, I keep spamming the call for help button in the hopes that it will glitch and reach one of my officers.

Mid Term:

1. Ship Renaming: Why does this cost anything again?
2. Promotions: I don't think that I should have to spend X amount of points in abilities I'm not going to use just to promote an officer beneath me. I know that they have to "earn" promotions, but it irks me.
3. Quest dialog: Each quest should tell you what system in what sector in what sector block to go to. For example, one mission said "Go to Starbase 1." In hindsight, it's logical to assume that of course, SB1 is on Earth, but that's only AFTER spending a long time looking every place else for something with that name.
4. Quest rewards: I can't see what my mission rewards are once I choose to accept the mission, which makes prioritizing where I go dependent entirely on what I can remember, which, all thing and events in this game considered isn't very much.

Long Term:
1. Maps! It would be SO helpful to be able to zoom from the map sector I'm in to another sector block and see what's there from the galaxy map instead of blindly plotting from one sector to another and hoping the system who's location I may not know is in the place I'm headed. And while we're at it, why not have each system tell us what's IN said system! Treasure Trading station isn't listed on any map or anything.
2. Space Flight: See my sig. What do you mean I can't barrel roll? Or do a 180 vertical loop for that matter? Or even fly in a straight 90 degree angle along the Z axis? Sure, someone somewhere might get confused and ragequit because he forgets what direction he's going, but space flight bound to a galactic "ground" is... a poor decision.

There are more, but this will do.

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