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# 1 Question on BO skills.
02-04-2010, 06:36 AM
Ok, i've decide to go Tact Capt. in a Science ship. I'm already LTC grade 5. Really digging it.

My utlimite plan is a deep space science ship. Figureing that'll give me 1 tactial slot, plus my caption to handle offince. She'll be trained in High Yeild 1 and Spread 2.. (any better suggestions..)

My science team, 2 guys, one with Eng team 1, and aux to struct... the othe with emergince to shields... (again, any suggestions?)

That leaves my science team... and i'm not really sure what makes good skills for science... i've got science team 1 and 2... pollerise hull... so far. (only in my tier 2 ship) what are other good skills for science officers?

So far, i've been taking skills that buff my shields and repair my hull, and it's been working... should i just stick with them skills and hope to build a well balanced fighting ship? What buffs and debuff are worth it?

And what captan skills should i be looking at to help them out?

Thanks in advance!

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