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Yes I to am looking for a fleet to join

I am casual and enjoy pvp but want to have pvp at all levels not just endgame. I'm very tired of pickup groups and soloing and am looking for people who are not racing to engame and are enjoying the pvp and other content in a relaxed manner.

I use vent sparingly due to the fact that I hate it and prefer text over voice.

Please do not ask me to join if you expect me to be on vent 24/7 just to get another warm body.

Basically looking for a fleet of mature gamers not racing to end game who will group for pvp before endgame but who are still levelling up and who intent to one day reach end game.

Do not contact me if you hate "carebears" or "fanbois" or do any l33t speak.

I am in EST time zone and play in the evenings mostly for groups and am unavailable in day hours for any actual play ..

thanks for your consideration.

toystarm mibowee gyth@urbanlamb

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