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In your list of skills there will be a section called starship engineering. Under this section in the LT.Com 2nd level of skills there is teh fallowing skills.

weapon systems, shield maintenance, auxiliary, engines ect.

The discription of these skills ( to me ) is not very descriptive, does these skills ONLY effect BO skills that effect these areas or do placing skills in this area also effect base stats??

For example I set full energy to weapns on my ship 100/100 I spam space bar when i fight to shoot everthing at once. After a few seconds of shooting 100/100 soon becomes 60/100 and seems to hold that nomater how long the fight is.

I want to put my skils in say auxilliary so that I have more energy to flow to diff parts of my ship, increasin the regen rate of power to subsystems.. does putting points in these starship engineering area effect this?

If i full impulse into a fight, weapon energy will be 10/100 or something and if i enguage the enemy from full impulse.. unless I just sit there and let them pound on me for 20 seconds.. my weapon energy will never climb because of how much weapon systems drain.

Such would aslo be like shield maintenance would effect your natural regen of shields? Does weapon systems improve all weapon damage by % or only effect the BO skills like emergency power to weapons?

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