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I have done my share of PvP battles and have picked up a few things in the past few months. One thing I see is, some Klingons don't understand how to break up "Defence Pattern Tribble" (AKA The Fedball). I was hoping that some of you could post your successful tactics.

What I mean is what abilities and skills you use.
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02-04-2010, 09:19 AM
PUG Fed balls - kill the escorts, immobilize/debuff the science ships then kill them after the escorts. Only shoot cruisers when neither of the other two are around. Use voice comms and focus fire.

Premade Fed balls (usually with 2 healing/debuffing science ships and 2-3 cruisers, voice comms, and focus fire) - I do not think you can, try once then throw yourself at them since anything else is a waste of time.
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02-04-2010, 09:31 AM
Escorts -> Science ships -> Cruisers. Change target from anything that reverses / gets extend shields. If an escort runs away, change target but change back when it returns.
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02-04-2010, 09:34 AM
This is my setup. I'm sure there might be better ones, but this is the one im must comfortable using in T2.

I use a BoP with heavy plasma cannons + torp. BO's are: High Yield Torp, Rapid Fire, Polarized Hull, and Emergency Power to Engines.

Pretty straight forward. Pick a Escort, roll in poping high yield at 10km, rapid fire and polarized hull at 7km. Break stealth at 5-6km and unload. If you are the one doing the inital run then you get maybe 2 salvo's off plenty to break shield and hit tank. This is very very important, on your way out always hit Emergency Manuvers and then emergency power to engines.

Against a well played fedball you will make the escorts cry a lot but will probably still lose because the PuG klinks are pretty awfull and will die a lot. If you have a friend, or two and you group up and go in at the same time its game over for any escort.

Hit and run makes for a longer game but it is imo the best way to win if you are playing against compitent FED.

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