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02-04-2010, 10:04 AM
Anyways my thoughts on how to improve STO. Please Join in.

Crafting/Replication/Researching System
I won't get into specifics but a crafting system that allows the player to customize game affecting content to a level that they can their character would be nice. IE What kind of bonuses it has damage and cooldown, the balance would be they'd have to mine and or substitute materials with energy (Both are possible at the same time, Star Trek Tech makes it possible). This include backwards engineering tech, a researching new ones. See one of my many posts for details.

Independent Fraction
A fraction which doesn't revolve around federation or klingon empire, some have suggested this be a Mercenary or Merchant class. They can start their own fleet or corporation or syndicate or whatever.

Remove Sector Space
Its utterly rediculous. Remove it, or at the very least, make it more immersive. I feel like I'm playing some 1990 RPG where your traversing over a world map. This is Star Trek, I have nothing against RPGs like that though.

Solar System
Damn it all, Star Trek has always be about being realistic while being fun, at least honor the size to ship ratio. Make planets realistically large, everything else in STO is oversized... The bleeding planets are small asteroids. Scale the solar system to match.

Ingame warp drive is there a distance to far to cross? Just warp to it but make it a fast movement, not some instant thing. Full impulse isn't the only way to fly after all. In this I think EVE did it well.

Object Lists
A small UI which lists all objects in the area including ships would be handy with a sorting function. Very handy for figuring out which ship is closest.

Clicking Function
Clicking on things don't always work, please fix it, integrate it with the Object list so we can click on that instead to select specific things. Tab goes into this catagory, I press it and it doesn't always respond and I know it works with every other program on my PC

Shared Cooldowns
Remove Them. Period. End of Story. If you want balance it some other way by having it eat up some of the the power/energy statistics.

Variable Energy outputs based by ship and equipment which can be distributed. Allow us to install different Warp Drives and the like.

Combat Movement
Give us a way to do small high speed dashes in space that don't involve evasive maneuvers and a engine battery. Like allow us to fight in game with Full Impulse active, but don't change the power distribution effect.

Ship Modifications
Allow us to modify our ships so they can actually be customized in a serious way, like I may want to have a ship completely modded for speed and combat with no aux and no shields. The methods available are So So. I mean so the ship at its base can specific to our desires.

Movement in Space
This is space, turning a ship around isn't like a car, there is no wind resistance to prevent us from doing 360 spins with no forward momentum. I can see it as the faster you go the wider the turning arch but at the same time, the slower, the more manuavable you should be since not all your power is going towards forward momentum. Perhaps a second bar that balances with impulse, you can have 100% of one 0% of the other and anywhere in between. Default would be 50/50 Full Impulse would be 100% Impulse and 0% Turn which would match what it currently is in the game.

Custom Presets
For our speed and power distribution that we can save without overwriting the originals, combine this with my Movement in Space entry and you can have some seriously spectacular fun.

FPS or First Person View
Allow us to play as if it were an FPS game, none of the rules or combat would have to change but it would make controlling our characters easier. By this I don't mean forcing it, but say a Tactical View which allows us to enter a different version view and control. Say by default pressing F1 to activate a different control scheme.

Help us Help you. A player driven economy will help improve time spent on the game and allow people to have a more invested interest. UO did it, EVE did it too.

Drop System
Have it based on who did the most damage to a ship rather than almost entirely random. I remember completely wiping out a squad of NPC klinks solo while the rest of the team worked on their own groups, and someone else got the drop. They were 30km away.

Thats all for now.

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