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# 1 PVP needs game timer
02-04-2010, 10:39 AM
I don't mind that they can cloak during battle, I don't mind that they can suprise attack. I do mind, however, when they sit there on purpose cloaked just ticking everyone off because they don't want to lose. Just sitting there not uncloaking and not attacking. Why? Just to purposely annoy people. They need to have some sort of timer or what not that when their cloak runs out, they light up on or sensors. Just something to keep them from cloaking just annoy people on purpose. I understand that you guys want to split up a garoup of feds and what not, but their either needs to be a pvp timer, or cloak has to be nerfed. The game shouldn't be able to drag on for god knows how long just because the Klingons are losing. Why not make a game timer? That will solve everything.

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