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Hey Cryptic,

Bit of feedback for you. Currently, there are a lot of NPCs roaming the halls in Sol starbase and Memory Alpha. They walk around in packs, scan things, and liven the place up. I understand why: the idea was to make the base feel alive, inhabited and immersive.

However, I think there are just too many of these guys. I keep running into them as I try to travel from place to place, or my camera gets stuck on them and jumps all over the place. Sometimes they get in between myself and an NPC I want to talk to. And all the while, they are hurting my client performance with all the draw calls they are generating, especially when you add them to the high number of players moving through these same areas.

Please consider cutting down on the number of NPCs that you have roaming the halls. I'd cut the number in half, personally, but do what you think is best. It will make life a bit easier on us players, both in terms of performance and convenience, and I think you can still achieve the same effect with fewer NPCs.

Also, while you're at it, you might want to check the pathing on the NPCs. I've seeen several of them walk directly through obstalces, jump up onto consles in the Exchange and scan them while standing no top, and other silliness.

Thank you guys, and keep up the good work.

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