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hello, i made a post about this the other day....but i cannot find it now.
so the story is that on Jan 25 i bought from the Atari store the digital download of STO.
I was only charged $5.00 for the beta access key though and the retail key was unvailable so I was not charged for it.
Then on February 01st i was sent an email saying that my order is available for download‏ and a serial code for the star trek online deluxe edition was included in the email. but my card has still not been charged and it has been several days now. everything that I charged on my card the last couple of days has all been posted now.

did anyone have an order similar to mine in that they pre ordered and then emailed the serial code later on?
what happened with your order? when do i actually pay for the game?
do they charge your card when you use the serial code?
im starting to have doubts whether i should have bought this game and am thinking that this could my get out of jail free card since normally you cannot get refunds. Maybe if i dont use the serial code, ill be saved having to pay for the game!!
of course if im going to be charged anyways no matter what, then i may as well play the game.
so i havnt used the serial code yet and am waiting.
ive never pre ordered a game before so this is all new to me.
thanks for any help

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