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Thing is this. While we visit space stations etc.. They seem to be fine beimg as large as they are, but ship interiors are way too large. For instance in mission aboard USS Eagle, why corridors in rather small vessel are about same size that they are in large space stations.

To compare them to corridors in series i would say that they are humongous

I am not suggesting that you do exact replicas of things seen in series but a litle realism in small thiings like this are still something to be considered of. If you reduce them in about half of the size they are now, then they would feel more like spaceshiup interiors and not humongous starbase corridors. If there is no room to move for some reason then remove useless consoles etc.. They should be on wall and not as things put on the floor.

Please use some litle time on these in some point as well. Or if you cant change them take this in consideration in future content.

Small things make a great game.

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