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# 1 My "End Game" Theory
02-04-2010, 02:27 PM
I know it is the first few days of STO but I see a problem in about 2-3 weeks, there is more than just one Admiral already, and in a couple weeks there are going to be more. It is kinda funny when there is just a few with one complaining on the forum about nothing to do but soon there is gonna be many and then it gets not so funny.

The whole "end game" thing has never been a real problem for me, I was never one to power through. I take my time, read all the missions and what not in every game I have played. I am also not what you would consider a "pro" gamer by any means. I always enjoyed spending time with my guild mates or "fleet" whatever just doing random things to waste time.

Now me, as the unpro gamer I am have already made Captain. My concern is not the end game, but the lack of content throughout all levels and that it is going far too fast for any MMO. I would like to join a Fleet and have fun and do whatever but what is the point? I can do pretty much everything alone. I find myself talking very little in chat because I don't need help with anything. About all I see in chat is "Where's Sulu?" and "Buy STO Credits cheap".

I find the crafting pointless due to the fact that by the time I figure it all out and have collected enough stuff to level it up I have no use for what I make since I will have reached the end of the game. This upsets me because I love the crafting side of games, it is such a nice break from fighting all the time.

Now my ship (I like my T-4 ship ) has like all the exploration medal type equipments since they are quick and easy to get. There is no point in farming for a T-2 purple if I will be flying a T-5 by the time I get one.

Now granted I was always hoping for more of a Star Trek sim but I do like the game. However I feel like I am playing a single player game and once I get to the end I might play it again with a different character then put it away with all the other games I don't play anymore, and certainly won't keep paying for it.

I know of course that there the big "patch" around the corner promising whatever, but I really don't feel it will add enough. I also find it convenient that it is 45 days so that next months subscriptions are paid and to be honest from what I have seen thus far it would not shock me at all if we are asked to pay for it.

Now don't get me wrong I love this game it just scares me that I will lose interest in it and I was hoping to play a long time, I am one of those people who like to play for years, but with people leveling so fast I think people will come and go and there will never be a solid community with players you have "heard of" and the like, and a high turnover player base.

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