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# 1 Mayard - An Introduction
02-04-2010, 03:42 PM
This is a race I have been working on for some time, retooling it for STO. If you ever meet Takurai, he's my "prototype"

Mayardians are a humanoid race, a recent addition to the Federation.

Like most races, Mayardians vary from person to person, but a few key qualities are shared among them. Commonly, they put a lot of stress on fulfilling obligations, both spoken and unspoken. Loyality to the home planet is paramount, and many Mayardians feels a strong loyality to the Federation as well, both for aid rendered and shared ideals. Any Mayardian who breaks a contact or fails to meet an expected obligation is often cast out from society. These outcasts, spirits broken, have usually traveled to distant systems and are rarely heard from again. In general, though, Mayardians stick by their friends and allies, even if it means death.

A popular Mayardian saying is "There are two kinds of battles. For as long as we do battle, we must tell the difference. There is a battle for life, and then a battle of interest." Whenever they go into battle, their goal is one of two, clearly defined. Though they're still new to space battles, they approach it the same way as hand to hand combat: Avoid damage first, then remove the threat. This ideal is due to the fact Mayardians have been hunted since their history began.

When they discovered warp travel, for example, they visited the nearest inhabited planet, sharing technology with the inhabitants. They, in turn, turned on Mayard, igniting a war that nearly devastated Mayard. In desperation, Mayard turned to the Federation, and with their aid, repelled the attacker. Grateful, they agreed to join the Federation, sending several promising students to Starfleet Academy.

Recently, relations between the Mayardian Government and the Federation have been strained. Though they continue to lend aid to the Federation, they have voiced concerns that the war ignited too quickly, requesting that additional time be allowed before they send supplies to the front. This unusually self-serving action by the Capital have left many Mayardians confused. Attempts to appeal to the Capital have also failed, raising concerns of an infiltration. However, all other areas of the Goverment seem to be running smoothly, and Mayardian ships and officers have agreed to all assignments given them.

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