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I have a Gamestop Constitution Class Starship and when i was going to buy my nest ship i saw that the stats on the Teir 2 cruisers are supposed to have

one more Aft Weapon bay
better hull then a escort vessel
200 more crew for a total of 400
4 device slots but currently has 2

This is just in a few moments of looking so there may even be more. My question is this why are almost all of the upgrades from the Teir 1 ship not even in the ship? now i have not sent in a support ticket on this yet as i wanted to see if it could be explained here first before i ask cryptic

but as i see it now there is almost no advantage to the ship i bought with my money and a far better advantage to buy the exact same ship in game can the stats at lest be equal to the in game ship? or better as we had paid cash for ours?
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02-04-2010, 05:23 AM
the Gamestop Constitution is the vessel from the 1960's series. It's a Light Cruiser meaning it's the same (basically except for the engineering console) the exact same as the Miranda or other starter ship. It's a starter ship. Never been advertised as anything else.

The tier 2 Constitution is the vessel from the first Star Trek movies. The Constitution refit.

You apparently misconstrued, misunderstood, or mearly assumed something.


I like mine

And you didn't "Pay" for your connie. It was the FREE perk for the retailer you chose to order from. Lots of people who will pay exactly the same price (or possibly more) than you did will not get anything, much less the original Enterprise.
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02-04-2010, 05:50 PM
a bit disappointing but understood and while they did say it was to look like the 1960 they never said the stats that i could find

yes i like my ship i just would have liked it better had it been a teir two caliber as less then 24 hrs after i got it i was Lt commander and was hopping to use that one during my time as a Lt. Comm. so i could have a choice of the free one and this

thanks for the input and i do like it i just would have liked if it was at lest par with the other one
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02-04-2010, 06:20 PM
I preordered the collectors 80 dollar version from GameStop, and never had the option to use my Constitution. Here's what happened....

During the Head Start, I hit Lt. Commander about 4am, just before they took the server down for maintenance. That was Tuesday AM, the day of the release. I tried to log in later, before I picked up my copy, and wasn't able. I went and got mine, entered my code, and never saw the option to select, purchase, claim in C-Store, or anything. Since I was already LT Commander and had a Conti Refit, I wonder if this is a bug or if it bypassed it completely. If i start a new character, will it let me use it?

I love my ship, and am now a Lt. Commander level 8, and almost ready to roll over to 9. Soon, I'll have either a Heavy Escort (Akira) Or a Heavy Cruiser (Stargazer) class ship.

I[m also concerned that I cannot chose a DS9 or TOS costume, which I am also supposed to be able to do. All of my bonuses are non selectable, and do not show up anywhere. I saw a person earlier tonight wearing a TOS Gold Command Uniform like Kirk's. So I know it's in the game..

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