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There are 2 things that would make ground based PvP a bit more interesting (and NO I am not talking about nerfing the stun weapons.. although i hate getting killed by them, when i do it to them, it feels pretty satisfying)

But #1 -- A SETUP TIMER --

Why couldn't they spawn you and your team in, and block you in a room for like 1 minute to let the players have time to send invites to random new team members and to wait for them to all get there. I get bored of spawning as the only Fed into a group of 5 Klingys, it really isn't fun to just run and there's no way to even take one down when they are grouped closely as they can just stun your escape. Team Fortress 2 has a method that works if Cryptic doesn't have an ideas.

*Edit* If it would require too much rework on the maps with spawn in points, they could just do what they do at the END of the round and you spawn in frozen at least. Not the method I would prefer, but it would be better than what we have now.

and # 2 --LEARN TO COUNT!--

See the above. Why do I have to spawn into a 1 versus 5 combat where they have already been just waiting for someone to show up for a few minutes. And most of the time, the Klingys end up sitting at the spawn in place, waiting to spawn camp the unfortunate soul that joined that match. Yes I know you can sometimes spawn elsewhere, but more often than not, they are at the main one (near the Orange See through shield on Ghost Ship for example). But ultimately, why does it even start a game when there are not enough players. I hate playing 5 vs 1 on the other end too. I hate chasing one guy down with a team of 5, it just doesn't feel right. Sometimes I have even told my team to "hold fire" until more enemies spawn in for the other sides team. Although I KNOW they would NEVER do that for me, let alone would i have time to even type three words before i'm respawning, heh.

Is this too much to ask though? A small setup timer so you aren't dead before you spawn in? And a fair team count as well? Am I asking too much?

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