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There are so many to read here, I am not sure where to start. I am looking to join a mature fleet that does primarily PvP ground with some PvP space with PvE being the backburner. Would be nice if you used Team Speak, but if you have Vent that is okay as long as it isn't required to use. I am pretty good on my own, but without a good team, all my skills go to waste. It sucks to kill a guy then have your two team mates rush into the room to get stunned and killed in one hit, and instead of pushing into the room, now you are fleeing for your life. That is what I am sick of, and so that is why I am looking for a squad that THINKS before they rush into combat. Most of the time I can tell the good players by the fact that I don't have to ask or tell them to do anything, they know where they need to be and they do it without hesitation.

So, if you think your fleet is CURRENTLY like this, not a "growing strong" type of thing, I would be interested. Granted I know the game has only been out for a bit, but you know what I mean. If I am not approached by anyone, I might just make my own if 4 others want to help me ?

Either way, looking to get into some good Fed ground PvP if anyone else is?
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02-04-2010, 07:23 PM
Hello, we are looking for new members who are willing to join a MATURE PvE/PvP Hardcore/Casual Federation Fleet. We have been and will continue to be a very successful multi-gaming community, and if there is one thing we have pride in its the fact we have a very active ventrilo, with people who have been playing with each other for multiple years. Our goals is to be a dominating force in PvP/PvE eventually and to enjoy the experiences we have in STO. There are no requirements for joining our fleet other that being respectful towards others differences, and you must have a sense of humor.

Clan Information
Wolves of War is an organized group of players who play for the fun/love of the game. We are a mix of casual and hardcore/serious players who enjoy having a good time and don't mind laughing at ourselves once in a while. We play multiple games such as FPS, MMO, RTS, RPG, TBS, and much more. The goal of this clan is to organize large and small events within these games so that everyone can enjoy themselves. This is a gaming community filled with wonderful players who care about there games as much as the leadership does. This gaming community is a free speech community, you will not be penalized for speaking your mind, unless it breaks our rules. The leadership is run like a round table, where everyone has a say as equal as the leader. We do not believe in power tripping here, nor do we believe in griefing. But we are far from a non-aggressive group. We play to win, and so far every game we have been in our name is etched into the minds of the people that meet us. This gaming community started with about 20 people or so, and slowly built into a very large active community because of the strength of our backbone. Its important to know that we will be around for as long as our leaders have breath in their lungs. So if your looking for a strong community of good gals, and guys. Check us out!

Wolves of War Steam Community

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