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02-04-2010, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by Emn1ty View Post
It doesn't prove anything. Early tiers are bare. Balance those tiers, and then balance Tier 2 abilities accordingly on top of previous balances. If a balance on weaponry is effecting later tiers, add properties to those ships that counter said issue (don't change the weapon) for example.
Because that would be silly. All it would create is even more "balance" patches. Again the vast majority of MMOs balance the last tier first and usually don't bother heavily changing the early tiers. Those tiers are after all temporary while the final tier is not.

All you would do is end up fixing (and the idea that an MMO can be permanately balanced is just laughable.) T1 by the time most launch people were at t2, t2 by the time most people were at t3 and so on and so forth. Such a dev cycle has a nasty tendancy to kill games.

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