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# 1 The Problems With Asteroids
02-04-2010, 06:57 PM
There are a few issues I have with asteroids (see below for tl;dr version):

1. Ohmygoodnesstherearesomanyofthemtheyareeverywheret hey'regoingtotakeoverthegalaxy!!! No but seriously, there are too many of them. EVERY system has asteroids. Big ones, small ones, green ones, tall ones, they're everywhere. In fact, the only system that doesn't have asteroids is Sol. I'm actually surprised they didn't put Space Dock between Mars and Jupiter so that we could fly through the asteroid belt. Sure, they're pretty. Sure, they help make space seem... more space like? But when every system has them, it stretches my suspension of disbelief, and gets to be a bit silly.

2. Map issues

A. Even if you (Cryptic) decides to keep the outrageous amount of asteroids in the game, you could at least position them in more unique ways. Planetary rings are one thing-I understand why they're in the shape they're in. But when I warp in to a system, and look at my map to find my objective, and I discover that I just have to follow the interplanetary breadcrumbs known as asteroids that have been neatly placed in a convenient path between me and my objective, that jolts me back to the real world and is just plain silly.
I realize that there were ancient civilizations out there that did some crazy stuff moving planets and celestial bodies around, but would they really have moved asteroids into a perfect square around my warp in point and my objective? No, no they would not.

B. Tiny asteroids make the maps look TERRIBLE. The big ones that are there are either mission objectives or help us find mission objectives, so that's fine. It's the tiny ones that look like crap on the map. It's like someone took a picture of the system in MS Paint, and that's what we're zooming in on when we open the area map. The asteroids get all pixelated and look like blobs.
The way I see it, there are two options: either remove tiny asteroids from the map, because they're not important unless you're dead set on having 100% perfectly accurate maps; or, fix the maps! Make them not pixelated when we zoom in even a little bit!

3. They draw attention to the fact that space collisions are, well... not collisions. Plus they get in the way. Many a time have I seen an NPC run into an asteroid, and no only does nothing happen to them, but they either can't fire at me, or I can't fire at them, or something that shouldn't be happening happens. It's not a big issue, and eventually if I or an NPC gets stuck on an asteroid, we can get unstuck. But it is VERY noticable, and made even more noticeable because asteroids are freaking everywhere.

TL;DR: Asteroids should not be in every system, they should be placed in configurations other than rectangles or paths to objectives, they make maps look terrible, and ships get stuck on them.
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# 2
02-04-2010, 07:00 PM
Your not actually trying to say you want "Less" Asteroids are you?
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# 3
02-04-2010, 07:06 PM
Agreed, there are far too many asteroid systems, and too many systems that are too densely filled with them.

Also, when my ship is moving thorugh a field, MY SHIP IS THE OBJECT WITH A MEANS OF PROPULSION. Meaning, asteroids should be bumped out of MY way rather than seeing my ship's course altered around a much smaller object. Obviously this would be different with asteroids with much larger mass than a ship.

There needs to be a different collision system in place for this. I would like to see my shields react to impact with an asteroid as it gets sent drifting away from anyone's ships. That would make sense and at least make asteroids behave correctly rather than behave as if they are invisible walls shaped like rocks.
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# 4
02-04-2010, 07:09 PM
system Mu Sigma hasn't got any asteroids.... Just thought id says that
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# 5
02-04-2010, 07:23 PM
I agree, its a bit too much. Also it would be nice if collisions work better, i have also been shot from npcs through asteroids, had to circle it and wait for the NPC to come out so i can shoot at him. They are nice from time to time to take cover (in pvp) so don't remove them all.

Also i think you could make tiny ones bounce off the hull, as it works on ground with stuff is left over from blowing up turrets etc that bounces away when you walk in it. If you want some inspiration take a Look at Enterprise (The NX one) Season 2 Episode 9 from about 34 Minutes onward. Would be awesome if flying through an asteroid field would be a chellange!
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# 6
02-04-2010, 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by Tretboot View Post
Would be awesome if flying through an asteroid field would be a chellange!
I don't think it would be that awesome. From a "wow, that's cool" perspective, yes. From a "hey, I'm trying to play a computer game, not go to flight school" perspective, no. If they do have to be in game everywhere, I don't want to have to actually pilot around them. But something like RedKhus suggests would be nice. Really, the whole space collision mechanism needs to be changed, and I recall hearing or reading that Cryptic wants to change it too.

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