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I play mostly ground combat. I think it could use a few adjustments:
  • Reduce ranged Expose/Exploit damage by 50% (keep melee damage as-is for now)
  • Cap expose chance at 15% (no combination of skills, traits or abilities should allow you to exceed 15%)
  • Fix the shield bug (they're supposed to not recharge until 3 seconds of not being hit, but that's clearly not working -- they recharge even under fire. See the second link in my signature for video proof.)
  • Expose should not cause a 10 second hold.
  • After being held for 2 seconds, any damage should break any hold.
  • Rifle/pistol melee should not cause holds or exposes -- just a knockdown (it should be a desperation move, not the ultimate spammable expose attack)
  • Double the cooldown on all expendables (e.g., hypos)

I was also thinking about doing this one, but it may not be necessary if we fix the shield recharge issue and increase hypo cooldowns:
  • Increase all basic shot damage by 50% (do not increase special attack damage)

The goal is to make it harder to dominate matches with "one shot kills" but to keep the current pace by increasing regular damage, and also to reduce the frustration of losing control of your character for long periods of time due to holds. That 10 second hold caused by being exposed is the biggest problem.

With a 50% reduction in exploit shot damage, one shot kills will still be possible but mostly you'll only be vaporizing people as a means of finishing off a wounded player.

We should also probably consider increasing the cooldown timer on hypos and other clickies. As it is, it's pretty rare that I need a hypo and don't have the ability to use it. I was solo tanking a ground fleet action mainly by eating about 30 hypos...

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