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Ive noticed this for a few days now, and the patch didnt fix it. Bridge Officer Skills are not leveling correctly. If you pay attention to the stats to the right of the screen, you will notice that they do not improve in the way they should.

For instance, two of my engineers have Emergency Power to Shields 1 at level 9. The recharge time is 45 seconds. However its supposed to be 30 seconds. This is not a display problem. Ive tested it in combat.

As you level up a skill, notice the stats to the side (recharge time is the easiest thing to notice). Get some points and level up a BOF skill to 9. Pay attention as you add points looking at the stats. Now go backwards. Take the points away. You should notice that level 8 and 7 and so forth are DIFFERENT now than they were before.

On most skills you should notice that level 8 is always better than level 9. If you move a skill to 9, it sometimes acts as a level 7 skill, and of course, there's no way to fix it after that.

Someone already posted this problem, but I did four searches and couldnt find the thread. This is a serious issue that seems to be overlooked by almost everyone.
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02-04-2010, 08:12 PM
Thanks for bringing this up. I thought I was just really really bad at math and stopped looking at it. Lets keep this alive for the devs to see.
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02-04-2010, 11:07 PM
Um, you guys do realize that not all Bridge Officer Powers have the same base recharge values, right? It's intended for Emergency Power to Shields to recharge in 45s when at level 9.

Here's the full progression just fyi.

Level 1 90s
Level 2 85s
Level 3 80s
Level 4 75s
Level 5 65s
Level 6 60s
Level 7 55s
Level 8 50s
Level 9 45s

There are some Bridge Officer powers out there with a base recharge time of 5 minutes. Such as Reverse Shield Polarity which has a different progression in increasing ranks. For RSP, it reduces by 15s per rank so at level 9 it's a recharge of 3 minutes.

Level 1 300s
Level 2 285s
Level 3 270s
Level 4 255s
Level 5 240s
Level 6 225s
Level 7 210s
Level 8 195s
Level 9 180s
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02-04-2010, 11:38 PM
What Natsuki said.

30s is the global cooldown on the Battery system; the skill cooldown is supposed to be 45s.

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