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# 1 Require Skill Advice
02-05-2010, 01:58 AM
I am currently a lieutenant rank 9 and I need some advice as to where to spend my remaining points to reach lieutenant commander.

My character:
Tactical Officer, Human

Unique traits:
Accurate, Lucky

My current skill points have been spent as follows:
9 Starship Command
9 Beam Weapons
9 Torpedo Weapons
9 Assualt Training
9 Warp Core Training
9 Starship Operations

My BO's abilities are as follows:
Tactical Officer: Draw Fire 1, Beam Fire at Will 1
Engineer Officer: Quick Fix 1, Emergency Power to Shields 1
Science Officer: Medical Tricorder 1, Polarize Hull 1

I was thinking I would go ahead and upgrade close combat training. I don't like to spend points if it doesnt completly effect an ability though. Close combat adds to pistols as well as martial arts. I don't mind having the boost to my character's martial arts training but it seems a waste because I will never have him using pistols since I have assault training. The only other option I see is tactical team leader. But that adds to the security team ability and I'm almost positve I will not be using that.

I plan on being a cruiser captain as soon as I can. No escorts or science vessels if that helps with your advice.

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