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Quoting from the info on the sto site

"How does my free Del Taco promotional time work?
Your Del Taco promotional time is more accurately described as free trial time. That is, it grants you access to the Star Trek Online beta test and it allows you to play Star Trek Online for free after the game launches. Even if you do not own or subscribe to Star Trek Online, each code you redeem (up to one per cup type and four total) will grant your account two days of free trial time. If you redeem a unique code from each of the four exclusive Del Taco cup types, you will get 10 days of free trial time. Free trial time will be applied right when you redeem the code. So, if you redeem one code before our game's launch on February 2, 2010, you'll be able to play Star Trek Online for free until February 4, 2010. If, however, you redeem a code on February 4, 2010, you'll be able to play until February 6, 2010. And, if you redeem all four unique codes on February 4, 2010, you'll be able to play until February 14, 2010. All free trial time expires March 15, 2010.

When can I play Star Trek Online?
You'll be able to begin playing the Star Trek Online Open Beta on January 12, 2010. Star Trek Online officially launches February 2, 2010."

So I entered my code before the beta ended and could not log on, I figured I missed the boat and was going to have to wait till lauch. Well, on launch day I couldn't log in, and have been unable to since. I was on the fence about this game and wanted to use the promotion as a way to see if I wanted to play the game. Well as it stands now, I'm not playing this game.

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