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# 1 My Fleet Plans, What're Yours
02-05-2010, 07:23 AM
Since Fleets/Guilds are in a constant state of flucutation within the first month of release, I feel it's probably best for me to wait until the first month is over and Fleet Admiral's know who is still playing the game and who isn't. That way, the good Fleet Admiral's will be able to consolidate their Fleets if they're low on people with other Fleet's.

I want to join a well organized and structured roleplaying fleet. Something that replicates the Federation seen in the shows and movies. However, I don't want to join one with very little members or a fleet that loses a lot of members after the first month. I know that people are excited and think they'll play the game for a while when it first releases, but as the time draws near to resubscribing, most people end up leaving. So I think if a person doesn't want to waste their time investing time into a fleet that won't be there in a month, their best bet is to wait and see who's left after 30 days.

What do you all think?
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# 2
02-05-2010, 08:18 AM
I have seen no fluctuation in our fleet. We have mainly been going up in numbers for the last several weeks. We are a very large fleet. With light to moderate RP structure. Come and check us out. If you're looking for a fleet, come check out The Fifth Fleet. We're looking for all types of players.


The Fifth Fleet is looking for more recruits, we have many places still to fill out in our fleet, especially in the departments of Science & Exploration, and also in our Tactical Operations, Logistics & Security departments.

What we want:

Creative thinking
Formality when talking to fellow officers
Honorable conduct
Support your fellow officers - We laugh together and we grieve together
What we give:

Exams to teach you about our procedures, science, military strategies
A circle of friends, the Fifth fleet is more than just a random group of nobodies. We are true friends here.
Dedication from our officers - You are never alone
Always a good laugh
Fleet movie nights, Fleet game nights
Ample rewards for those who deserve such rewards

The Fleet is looking for You!
You think you got what it takes? Enlist Here.

Remember, only the best serve in the Fifth Fleet. If you feel you aren't the best - Don't worry. We'll make you the best that you can be.


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