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02-05-2010, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Maverisms View Post
I'm not as familiar with mob vs group behavior. I know there are differences. My innate sense of the absurd is demanding that I digress into a drawn out pontification about the difference between in-group social response and the organizational structure of the Mafia, but I doubt it would be as funny as it sounds in my head.
Try anyway

Originally Posted by Maverisms View Post
If I had to take a guess, I'd say a mob is a group without a common core belief or other idea to act as social glue. Usually the mob has a common catalyst that ignites it's motion, but the individuals don't feel any responsibility to connection to the group. They simply see an opportunity to express themselves en mass. If that's right then I'd say the "server down" threads are mobs of a sort.
That's how I would interpret it as well.

Originally Posted by Maverisms View Post
As it is, I'm not at all against modeling behavior. It's fun and instructional. I'm just careful not assume the negative interpretation is the correct one. (I make an exception for politicians.) Doing so is prejudicial, and while it is impossible to avoid prejudice in one's attitudes, it's always possible to check and double check one's self before acting on those prejudices.
Now you've got me worried that I come accross as prejudiced. Darn you. Gonna have to check all my posts again! (For the record it is certainly not my intent to come accross as anything other than arrogant and aloof)

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