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I while I love this game, we can all agree that there are problems with he game, some problems are unacceptable, major bugs, unreleased end game content, and lack of content at the lower levels, but
think of it this way.

if the game fails, and closes down. theses forums are archived, ( most likely kept by CBS )and 15 years from now someone in a board room brings up the idea of another star trek MMO. now before they decide on this they would look in to the last attempt. they would see who is alive from the shows, check to see if it is still in pop culture, and they would look at how people reacted to the first time it was tried. they may bring up the archives of these forums, and see how much hate was generated, and because these board member might not know much about games. they may decide that it wasn't worth the risk to their stock, and it ends there.

fact is this could be our last chance to command our ship with other people \\. I know the one thing that I wanted to do while I was watching star trek when I was younger. that one thing was to captain my own ship. this game is giving me the chance to live the boy hood dream.

sure it's not finished, and yes it was rushed. I don't know who to blame, it could be cryptic it could be Atari. sure Cryptic set the two year dead line, but for all we know they could of wanted to delay it, and Atari wouldn't let them. that really doesn't matter. I also there are people saying they could of done it another way. maybe that's true, but it doesn't matter. it's to late for someone else to take it over.

what we need to do is push for change. some people say you cant polish a turd, well they are wrong, this isn't a turd, this is a large block of marble that someone started carve away on and didn't finished. the statue is in there, but we need someone to finish it, and it's not going to happen if they fail.
we need to start to post what we want. we need to start demanding, and it need to be reasonable. not something that can't be done. WE need to stand together and shape this in to what we want.

because this could be our last chance. we need to demand change.

you maybe wondering why am I posting this? we already post about things we want added to the game..
sadly it's hard for the devs to hear us. we have three sides, those that defend it, those who want change, and then there are those who hate the game just to hate it, and they post stuff to cause trouble, and start fights.

but if we keep fighting among ourselves then nothing is going to happen. then we lose our chance of a star trek MMO. this game has been in work for over 10 years, first on the PS2, then perpetual, now it is finally released by Cryptic. the people who authorized this game ( CBS / paramount ) are most likely are not going to try it again if it fails after the 10 long years they invested in the first one.

but were never going to be able to do this, if we don't stop fighting. ( which mite be impossible ) one thing is for sure is the fact that we need to stop agreeing with the people who come in here to cause trouble. we have threads here by people with nothing constructive to say. sure they give valid points, but do they give good ideas on how to fix it. no they don't.

but the question is why are these thread pushing 900 post, and over 32,000 views, because we spent that time fighting among ourselves, most of those post don't give any good feed back on how to fix the game. that's the problem, we need to only take in post that have something constructive to say. if it doesn't offer ideas on how to fix it, then it's not worth it's weight in salt.

the bad part that we are all guilty of fighting, and not posting something constructive. including me.

what I'm proposing is that those who love this game, and love star trek step up to a higher standard. Help new comers, if you have a problem the game always post ideas on how to make it better, and stop reacting to the post that are here to cause trouble.

this is for everyone, it doesn't matter if you are happy with the game as it is, or not happy at all, but still want to see it succeed. we need to work together to grow this in to what we want.

as for this thread I was it to remain open to ideas. to be discussed.

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