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Okay... checking the formula that Cryptic generally has for skills is that each BO skill is generally affected by 3 skills your toon has... and the general rules are

Tier 1 skill of the appropriate class. - 18 pt
1 of the Tier 2 skill of the appropriate name - 30 pt
1 of the tier 3-5 skill of the appropriate name. - 52 pt

Total of 100% buff if unskilled (twice as powerful)

Eg Scramble sensors are affected by
Tier 1: Starship operations training
Tier 2: Starship Sensors
skill 3: Starship sensor probes

I tested... roughly every 18 pts = 1 extra second in duration of scramble sensors I even though it doesn't say it's affected by it.

photon Torpedoes:

Tier 1: projectileweapons training
tier 2: starship torpedoes
skill 3: photon projectiles

Advance escort:
Tier 1: starship command
Tier 2: escort captain
Skill 3: advance escort captain.

The list goes on....

However... has anyone else notice that HAzaard Emitters aren't affected by Starship emitters? I pumped it up so that it's +24 and it's still healing the same as it is at 0 starship emitters.

I thought it'll be affected by the following:
Tier 1: Starship operations training
tier 2: starship emitters
Skill 3: starship hazaards.

I also don't know if I should bug it or not.

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