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i purchased STO (online download) through "gamestop" following the link on this site--

first, they double-charged me. then they show there's "no record" of me ordering the game at all on my gamestop account--even though my debit card was charged 2x for STO. i have filed multiple complaints with "gamestop" to either have my account refunded, or to find out where my purchase is....all i get are confirmation emails of my tickets.... but no response nor appeasement of the issue.....

it has been almost 72 hrs, i still have the charges on my bank account, have not heard any feedback from gamestop, and do not have STO anywhere listed on my gamestop account for me to download....

i also contacted my bank who removed one of the charges... the second charge is now in dispute, and my funds are tied up by an unresponsive "gamestop"...

has anyone had any issues with gamestop and if so how can i actually contact them to get refunded so i can subsequently order STO through another company that doesnt screw people over like this?

any feedback or insight would be appreciated... i am out $54 and not happy...

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