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# 1 remove site msg's
02-05-2010, 04:16 PM
Ok so after a busy day at work i come home, to find my wife on a sto gold buyers site. now lucky she didn't buy any and if she would of known it was agaist terms and conditions, i'm sure she wouldn't of even considered it. thing is, she thought she was buying me something useful for ingame. which really i can't blame her for. now she got the url from a msg from THIS site in the space of 1 day ( i removed them all last night) i've recived over 15 of these, now i can't blame her for thinking, that because the message was on this site, that it was legit.

So can we either have the website msg system removed, or atleast a opt out option.

and plz trolls, leave my wife alone! she is a net noob, and i never considered having a converstion with her about the pro's and cons of buying currency online.

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